It is really important to THINK about what you are doing and how you are behaving online.
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Tell your Mum or Dad if you see something online that upsets you.
Or if someone makes you feel unhappy.

You can also talk to a trusted adult, like a teacher: they can help.
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Hide your password.
Only ever share your password with your parents - never with your friends.

Someone else could go online pretending to be you and do something that could get you into trouble.
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Interesting websites can be fun.
Check with Mum or Dad if a site is okay to use before you visit. 

Somtimes they can set up a list of good sites just for you.
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Name calling or being mean is not cool and could be cyberbullying.
Be nice when talking online or over the phone.

Look out for yourself and for others.
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Keep your special personal information safe.
Never give your real name, address or phone number to anyone, you don't know in the real world.

Use a nickname in chatrooms or when you play games on the computer.

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