Know the basics

If you are worried about the time you spend gaming, you can:
  • limit your game play time
  • make time offline for your friends, your favourite sports and other activities you enjoy.

Protect yourself

  • If another player is behaving badly or making you uncomfortable, block them from your players list.
  • Report poor behaviour to the game site operator. 
  • Keep personal details private.
  • Respect others in the game.
  • Be aware of game classifications and age restrictions.

Online gambling

Online gambling is a distinct and ever increasing form of online gaming. It comes in many forms, from lottery tickets and betting on sporting games and racing to card games like poker. There are many games and social media applications that look like gambling websites that ask you to pay money to play or access features.

You need to be aware that some online games are actually considered to be gambling sites and are designed to make money for the company providing the service, not the user.

If you are under the age of 18, gambling is an illegal activity whether your play online or offline. It’s always best to ask your parents or a trusted adult to check the game or website before you play or pay.

  • gambling online is risky, and it can lead to trouble
  • always read the terms and conditions of a website before paying to play a game online
  • be aware that some game sites may look very similar to legitimate online gambling sites
  • make sure you know what you are getting for your money if you do pay for games online.

Information for parents

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