Up until now, you’ve been helping to write your child’s story, but as they grow, you become more of an ‘assistant editor’.

Despite what your child might tell you, you can still offer valuable advice. Remember that it’s important to stay involved in their online lives to help guide them through the tough times.

They actually want you to be there … but in a way that makes them feel comfortable. We can help you with real stories, practical advice, and everything you need to help your child report cyberbullying.

Got the information you need to report cyberbullying?

Parent support tool

If serious cyberbullying is affecting your child and you need help having the material removed from a social media site, we can help.

Work through our cyberbullying support tool to see if you have everything you need to get started.

Work through the cyberbullying support tool

An introduction to Cyberbullying

Parent's guide to online safety

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Check out our online resource centre for access to all our brochures and posters.

Resources are available for order and download and are provided free of charge to Australian residents (for non-profit purposes only).

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