Report to unlisted sites

As new websites and services emerge daily, not all of them have terms of use that ban image-based abuse.

If your image is on a site that doesn’t seem to have a way to report image-based abuse, check their policies and terms of use thoroughly. These are usually located in the footer of websites.

Look specifically for any terms that address nudity, harassment, non-consensual sharing of images or image-based abuse, and see if they have a process to report that content. If these policies appear to be absent, the ‘contact us’ button is a good place to start.

You can use the template below to report an image to these websites, but be careful of contacting ‘revenge porn’ websites.

Template for contacting unlisted sites

Staying safe

If the image-based abuse is part of domestic violence or other abuse, staying safe is your number one priority. Learn more and connect with support.

What do I do if my image is not taken down?

If you have tried reporting the content without success, or you are not confident approaching the site yourself, you can make a report to the Office of the eSafety Commissioner and our team will work with you to find the best way to help.

Report to the Office

Beware of some sites

Unfortunately, some sites are set up to humiliate and abuse people, and these sites will often not remove images even if you ask them to. If they have terms of use, they usually don’t provide for removal of intimate images shared without consent. If you read through comments on the site, you will often see a large amount of abuse left unchecked. This is a sign that the sites are not properly moderated, or are designed to encourage abuse.

Some of these sites charge money to remove images, while others seek to further humiliate the people in the images by posting their personal details, email addresses, and removal requests.

You can use the template below to report the image to these websites.

Remember, if you are worried about approaching a website yourself, you can make a report to the Office of the eSafety Commissioner and our team will do our best to help.

Template to request the removal of image-based abuse from an unlisted website or social media service

Below is an example of an email or letter you can use if you want to make a report about image-based abuse to a website or social media site that does not have its own reporting procedure.

If you decide to approach one of these sites you should NOT provide any personal information to them at all. Use a new email address, and never provide your full name, ID cards, photos of yourself, address details, phone numbers, or banking information.

Subject: Image-based abuse

To Whom It May Concern,

I wish to report the publication of an intimate image(s)/video(s) of myself, the undersigned.

The image has been published without my consent or authorisation and is (likely) a violation of your policies and terms of use.

Please act expeditiously to remove or disable access to the material. I seek removal within a maximum of (insert) hours.

Location of material: (Paste in the URL of the image/ video of you on the website. To do so, right click the image and then ‘Copy image URL’, or provide details of other location like a P2P network, usenet).

The image was taken at (time the intimate image or video was taken) in (location e.g. bedroom/bathroom) and shows me (description of material e.g. fully clothed/partially clothed/semi-nude/nude/involved in a sex act/other).

(You may describe the original location as on a device you or another person owns, or a social media or webpage. [paste a link to your social media page even if it’s locked to the public])

I found the image using a PC/mobile/laptop/tablet. (delete whichever is not applicable).

I believe the person who shared the image(s)/video(s) is someone I know. We met online / through school/through parents/at work/through community activities/other (delete whichever is not applicable).

I am being threatened or harassed in relation to the intimate picture/video (delete if not applicable).

They have also posted my contact information/my full name/place of work/username/email address/home address/phone number(s)/signature/other video/defamatory content (delete if not applicable).

My contact details are:

(Your name - not your full name)
(Your email address - created for this purpose)

I understand this means I can be contacted to provide additional information.

I request that you arrange removal of the content within a maximum of (insert) hours.

Yours faithfully,

(Your name - not your full name)

Dated (today’s date)

If the IBA is part of a wider pattern of abuse or domestic violence, staying safe is your number one priority

If image-based abuse is being used to threaten, blackmail or control you or someone else, seek support before you remove an image. This behaviour is known as sextortion and may have legal consequences.

We understand the urgency in requesting the removal of abusive content. However, if the person who posted the intimate image or video is potentially violent or exhibits threatening behaviour, you may want to speak to a support service such as 1800RESPECT , police or a lawyer to ensure you have a safety plan in place before you request removal.

You will find more options for support and counselling services in the support section of this website.