Report to social media service or website

Most mainstream websites and social media providers have specific policies that ban naked or sexual images that have been shared or taken without consent. Many provide reporting tools to request that an image or video is removed. However, not all websites have removal policies and reporting processes for intimate images that have been shared without your consent.

Making a removal request

Popular websites and social media services

If your images or video were shared on a popular website or social media service, such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or Snapchat, you will find links and reporting information below. You can also find links to have your image hidden from search engines like Google and Bing.

How to report to popular sites

Unlisted websites and social media services

If your images or video were posted on a less well-known website or social media service that does not appear to have removal policies in place, you can use the template at the following link to contact the administrators of the site and ask for the intimate images to be removed.

How to report to unlisted sites

Preserving evidence

It may be useful to have evidence of the abuse, including screenshots, when you make removal requests to websites and social media services. Evidence is also crucial if you wish to make a report to police or take legal action. Many sites will send you a reply once you report, sometimes with a case number. Keep this as evidence too.

How to collect evidence

If this abuse is an extension of an abusive relationship, keep yourself safe

It is important to seek support before you try to remove an image if the image-based abuse is being used to threaten, blackmail or control you or someone else.

We understand the urgency to get damaging content removed quickly. However, if you are in an abusive or volatile relationship, or the perpetrator is potentially violent, you may want to speak to a support service such as 1800RESPECT , police or a lawyer to ensure you have a safety plan in place before you request.removal.

This is because the perpetrator may react violently once the image or video is removed or the account is deleted. This is particularly important when the person posting the image is also abusive to you or others offline.

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