Parental controls from internet service providers

Woman sitting in the dark, using a smartphoneSome internet service providers offer parental controls to their customers either for a small fee, or free of charge. Some examples are provided below, however, your internet service provider may be able to assist further.

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Telstra Broadband

Telstra Broadband Protect includes Parental Controls which allow parents to apply content filters and time restrictions to every device connected to the home broadband network.

It also includes Social Network Protection which allows you to receive alerts about potential cyberbullying, offensive language and contact with strangers outside particular social networks.

Telstra Broadband Protect is included at no cost with all new Telstra Bundles.

Telstra parental controls website

Optus logoOptus

Optus Internet Security provides online content filtering (PC only) along with standard virus, spyware and spam protection. Optus also provides online safety guidance.

Optus website

Vodafone logoVodafone

Vodafone offers safety advice for parents about raising children in a digital world. They also offer the Vodafone Guardian app for Android devices.

Vodafone screenshot

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