What is The YeS Project?

The YeS Project is a new digital and social health program encouraging young people to act as positive leaders and supportive friends in all their social spaces, especially online.

The program helps spark proactive conversations between young people about their digital lives and practices, ultimately improving on them.

Workshops and resources

Workshops and resources
How do I fit in the digital world?


  • Introduce students to The YeS Project, inviting them to reflect on their online cultures to identify how they could be improved.
  • Ignite the potential for students to make positive change in their schools and communities with activities and discussions focusing on challenging the status quo.
  • Explore students’ social and digital worlds including the challenges they encounter.
How do I support and connect with others?
How do I support and connect with others?


  • Introduce students to resources to address social and digital challenges including cyberbullying and image-based abuse.
  • Skill-up students to lead, influence, mentor and support peers.
  • Explore how connecting with others helps to better shape students’ own digital cultures and communities.
How can we make change?
How can we make change?


  • Investigate how individuals, groups and communities have inspired change in their digital cultures and communities.
  • Evaluate the opportunities and limitations of using technology, digital tools or social media to inspire and enact social change.
  • Consider the most significant or prevalent problems or issues in students’ digital lives and commit to making changes to address these issues.
  • Identify what influences and contributes to these problems and challenges.

Before you get started...

Educators can choose from up to 12 standalone workshops to design a program which best resonates with their specific school context and structure.

Templates for planning a 10-week classroom based unit, a 2-day intensive program, or a series of 5 lessons that expand on existing Respectful Relationships education programs are available in the Educator guide.

The YeS Project mirrors other health education programs that use an ethics framework to support young people caring for themselves, their peers and their worlds, and links to the Health and Physical Education, Personal and Social Capability and Ethical Understanding areas for Years 9 and 10 within the Australian Curriculum.

A series of guided walk-throughs of the program are available. See here for webinar dates.

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