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#GameOn character interview – Cyberbullying

Claudia, Grace and Bianca give their perspective on sharing passwords, uploading photos and protecting your friends online. The girls talk about how a simple joke can become a big issue that damages friendships.
Runtime: 1:05


#GameOn character interview – Gaming

Dean and his best mate Harry talk about the side effects of too much gaming, the damage it can do to friendships and some solutions for a more balanced life.
Runtime: 1:00


#GameOn character interview – Sharing selfies

Ollie and Sarah have a different perspective on sharing selfies online. Who is right? Who decides? What should you consider before posting?
Runtime: 1:12

Who's who?

#GameOn - Biannca


Bianca is Grace’s best friend. Bianca is upset when her photograph with insulting captions is posted online without her permission on Grace’s social networking page. Some of Grace’s followers add nasty comments.
How do you think Bianca felt about the picture and comments posted about her?
What could Bianca do to help resolve the problem?

#GameOn - Grace


Grace has a social networking page. She has shared her password with her friends.
When her page is hacked, she is embarrassed and upset. Grace tells her parents about what has happened.
How do you think someone accessed Grace’s social networking page?
What could Grace do to better protect her personal information?

#GameOn - Claudia


Claudia is Grace and Bianca’s friend. She hacks Grace’s page as a practical joke. Claudia did not expect her friends to be so upset. She admits that she made a mistake and apologises to Grace and Bianca.
Do you think Claudia thought about Bianca’s feelings when she posted the photo?
Do you think Grace will be able to trust Claudia again?

#GameOn - Joel


Joel likes playing Star Warriors, a multiplayer online computer game. His gamertag is ‘Blaster’. Joel is determined to reach level twelve. He plays the game when he should be doing homework. Playing the game late at night causes him to fall asleep in class.
In what ways has playing Star Warriors too much affected Joel’s wellbeing?
How can Joel better manage his time on the computer?

#GameOn - Dean


Dean likes playing Star Warriors, a multiplayer online computer game. His gamertag is ‘Shield Bearer 9’. Dean is determined to reach level twelve. Playing the game is affecting his behaviour at home and at school. He is spending less time with his friend Harry.
How has spending too much time at the computer affected the rest of Dean’s life?
How do you think Dean’s friends and his sister could help?

#GameOn - Ryan


Ryan has discovered a website that offers the latest ringtones free of charge. He boasts about the free ringtones to his friends until he discovers that not reading the terms will now cost his parents $10 a week.
What are some ways Ryan could have protected himself from these more expensive phone bills?
Do you think Ryan should have asked his parents before he started downloading the ringtones?

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