ClassAct [noun, Informal.]
  1. A person or group displaying impressive and stylish excellence.
  2. To have it together, to have a lot of class in public situations.

Join over a thousand teachers by taking the ClassAct 50 Task Challenge to revisit essential digital citizenship skills with your students and to encourage a culture of respect and positive interaction in their online and offline worlds.

At a time when many students are expected to sign digital use contracts and agree to acceptable use policies, the ClassAct 50 Task Challenge has been designed to support school classes, cohorts and communities to consider and act on the issues the digital world can present.

The challenge provides a mix of quick, daily tasks designed to help children take control of their online safety, prompt thinking around respectful relationships and to know where to go to find support if things go wrong.

The tasks encourage self-reflection, group discussion and class action. It is a list of digital-life thought-food that is quick, simple and fun to run.

You may decide to commit to completing one task every day for a whole term, or decide to do one a week for a whole year… regardless of how you commit, the important part is to make digital intelligence part of your regular conversation with kids to help increase digital safety, reduce negative behaviours like cyberbullying and to make time online as positive and enjoyable as possible.

The resource is best suited for children between the ages of 10 and 14 but is relevant for anyone who is digitally connected.

This publication is available as a hardcopy and provided free of charge to Australian residents (for non-profit purposes only).

For poster enquiries outside Australia, please email:

To order, please call 1800 880 176.


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If you’ve completed all 50 tasks, you can now upload your pledge. Your pledge or statement should outline your commitment to helping create positive digital spaces and experiences for all.

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