Cybersmart Forever

Cybersmart Forever

Cybersmart Forever is a teacher-led online resource aimed at Year 4 primary students.

This half-hour, interactive class activity asks students to step into the shoes of a primary school student exploring digital image sharing for the first time. The activity teaches students safe media sharing practices and to recognise when to seek help when sharing digital images.

Using a 'real world' example, the story explores the risks involved in sharing digital images and how to approach any challenges that might come up.

Cybersmart Forever is easy to facilitate and provides an excellent opportunity to address content in the Technologies and Health, Physical Education and General Capabilities (Ethical Understandings) curriculum areas.

Cybersmart Forever video

Media: Video

Age group: 8–10

Key issues: media sharing, privacy, cyberbullying

By the end of this unit of work, students will be able to:

  • understand safe sharing of content/images
  • describe and use strategies to protect their content/images
  • recognise when to seek help when sharing content/images

Cybersmart Forever

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