Digital footprint

Online business is everyone’s business

As soon as we go online our digital footprint begins.

How we look after it is how future generations will understand and see our culture. What you text and post goes further than your own mob’s country.

So it’s really important that we build a strong digital footprint by being deadly in everything you say and do online.

Texting and using social networking sites shapes what people think of you... now and into the future.

  • A bad digital footprint can:

  • damage friendships
  • break relationships
  • hurt job chances
  • bring shame to your mob.
  • It can lead to payback and violencebetween families and community.

So how do I make a strong digital footprint?

You’re in control of what you do online.

Be Deadly Online - aunty not looking too pleased

You kids are our future and I know you can do the right thing by looking after your mates, respecting our culture and being positive when you go online.


Remember, online business is everyone’s businessWhat you post today can come right back to your a boomerang!

Hot tip

You want to build a strong digital footprint – bring some pride to you and your mob by being respectful.

Safer Internet Day eSafety health tip graphic

Digital footprint...Let's go on a journey


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Online business is everyone's business
Be Deadly Online - a dog and a boomerang

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