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Certified online safety program providers

The Office’s Voluntary Certification Scheme for online program providers gives schools greater certainty about the quality of programs available to them.

Each of the certified providers has met the four criteria of the scheme: the capacity to deliver online safety programs; appropriate program content; ability to evaluate and review performance; and experience in presenting online safety programs.

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Funding to engage a certified provider

The Australian Government has committed to allocating funds to enable eligible Australian schools to engage a certified online safety program provider.

The Office is not responsible for the allocation of the funds: the arrangements for this are currently being negotiated between the Commonwealth government and interested State and Territory education authorities.

Schools that wish to apply for funding should contact their relevant State or Territory education authority for more details.

Participating States/Territories

New South Wales

Mr Trevor Fan
R/Policy Officer, National Funding
External Affairs and Regulation
Ph: 02 9561 8204
Level 5, 35 Bridge Street, Sydney NSW 2000

South Australia

Ms Trinh Mai
Senior Advisor – Behaviour Management
Engagement and Wellbeing - Early Years and Child Development
Department for Education and Child Development
31 Flinders Street, Adelaide SA 5000
Ph: 08 8226 0811

Western Australia

Manager E-Schooling
Statewide Planning and Delivery
Department of Education
Ph: 08 9264 4769


Dr Ken Price
Curriculum Teacher Leader – Digital Technologies
Curriculum Services
Department of Education Tasmania
Level 2, 75 Campbell St, Hobart TAS
Ph: 03 6165 5764


Ms Jean McAllister
Ph: 07 3513 5954

Northern Territory

Ms Kellie Luxford
Senior Manager Wellbeing Engagement & Behaviour
Student Support
School Support Services
Department of Education
Northern Territory Government

5th Floor, Mitchell Centre, 55-59 Mitchell Centre, Darwin
GPO Box 4821, Darwin NT 0801

Ph: 08 8944 9345
Fax: 08 8999 4222

Bookings and enquiries

To direct an enquiry to all participating certified online safety program providers, complete and submit the form below. Details of your enquiry will be forwarded to participating providers, who will contact you if they can offer a program that suits your needs. Alternatively, you can consider the list of providers, organised by State, above and contact a provider(s) directly.

We recommend that schools undertake more detailed enquiries about a provider's credentials and experience, to ensure that you make an informed choice and select the most appropriate provider for your particular requirements.


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Feedback about certified service providers

We welcome feedback about certified providers used by schools—it helps to improve the service. If you wish to comment about a program or provider you have engaged, please email

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