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YeS Project

The YeS Project

Register now for The YeS Project: social and digital health for Years 9 and 10

Educators can now register for The YeS Project—a workshop based engagement and influencer program that encourages young people to act as positive leaders and supportive friends in all their social spaces, especially online. The YeS Project aims to help students learn about their digital communities, and to transform them.

This customisable program offers over 120 hours of relevant curriculum allowing educators the flexibility to choose up to 12 standalone workshops on themes relevant to their students. Topics include image-based abuse (non-consensual nude sharing), the power of viral hashtags for collective action, the influence of media messages, online harassment and remaking social rules.

The program is mapped against the Australian Curriculum in Health and Physical Education and Personal and Social Capability and uses an ethics framework to support young people caring for themselves, their peers and their worlds. The YeS Project features comprehensive planning tools and templates including a conversation-starter video and supporting accredited Teacher PD, workshop guide and teacher guide.

The full course will be available for download mid-September, 2018.

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