2016-17 reports

Quarterly report: October-December 2016

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We’ve been busy creating positive change. From October to December 2016, we helped young people resolve 64 serious cyberbullying complaints and dealt with over 1,400 online content complaints. We reached over 21,000 kids, parents, teachers and other Australians through our Virtual Classrooms and Community Presentations. We trained over 600 professionals in the domestic violence field to help women combat technology facilitated abuse. Check out our latest video to see all the ways we are helping.

Quarterly report: July-September 2016

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It continues to be a busy time for the Office. From July to September 2016, our Virtual Classrooms and Community Presentations equipped over 12,000 children, teachers, parents and carers, and community groups with online safety skills.
We resolved 70 serious cyberbullying complaints and dealt with over 3,000 online content complaints. Check out the video to see all the ways we’re helping to make the internet a safer place.

2015-16 quaterly reports

Accountability requirements

The Office is required to post a number of documents on its website to satisfy government accountability requirements and obligations.

Senate Continuing Order Number 6 (Harradine motion)

Senate Continuing Order No. 6, also known as the ‘Harradine motion’, requires each Australian Government department or agency to publish an indexed list of the titles of all relevant files created in a six-month period in the central office of that department or agency, including new parts of existing files.

The following Office file lists are available on this website:

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