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Social media and privacy

Social networking sites like Facebook or Instagram can be real deadly fun!

Share language, find friends, track down family, yarn with mates.

But some people think it’s trouble. Yep – it can be. But like most things, if you treat it right and get it right, it’s good.

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Getting it right

Once you share a pic or a video or post, it’s out for everyone to see. Anyone can copy it. You’ve just lost control of your digital footprint! But everyone can be safer and smarter about it, hey?

Make good choices, make your mob proud.

There's a lot of pride in our community – it's good to share our stories and pics.

Dora, 54

Little things

Little things contains mild coarse language and themes that may not be suitable for all ages. We suggest you review the content to ensure it is suitable for your audience.

  • Have you:

  • Only ‘friended’ people you know?
  • Set up your security?
  • Learnt how to report any trouble?
  • Kept it strong and proud?
  • Fixed your privacy settings?
  • Yeah? No worries!
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Hot tip!

Adjust your privacy settings on the social media sites you use

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We work with social media sites to remove serious cyberbullying material.

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