Act eSafe encourages students to develop lifelong online safety practices. The animation covers the essentials of online safety as well as safe and ethical use of technology.

Act eSafe aligns with the Australian Curriculum, including Information and Communication Technology (ICT) capability—applying social and ethical protocols and practices when using ICT, Personal and Social Capability and Health and Physical Education key learning area.

The resource is designed to be flexible; it can be used by students independently or as a whole class activity. It can also be used by students in a BYOD program or as a refresher for older years.


This video can be used as a standalone resource or together with the lesson plans provided.

Lesson Plans

The lesson plan contains 5 x 10 minute activities.  Each activity covers a different area of eSecurity including:

  • Critical thinking
  • Keeping personal information private
  • Keeping location information private
  • Keeping your device safe
  • Getting help and support.

Customise the resource to suit the age and needs of your students.

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