Apply to be a certified training provider

An individual or organisation can now apply to become a certified online safety program provider.

Successful applicants will be offered a licence agreement until 30 June 2019, which is when the current licence agreements are due to expire.

Applicants can access the application pack online, which includes:

  1. Guidelines for voluntary certification
  2. Voluntary certification application form
  3. Sample voluntary certification licence agreement.

Any queries can be emailed to

Please note: the funding arrangements for schools to access education delivered by certified providers expired on 30 June 2018.

Benefits of certification

  • certification, via the licence agreement, permits a provider to represent that they are a Certified Online Safety Program Provider in advertising and promotional material to schools
  • certified providers will be listed on our website for Schools to access.

Certification eligibility

Individuals and organisations may be eligible for certification if they can satisfy the requirements set out in the Voluntary Guidelines.

For example, online safety providers that comply with the guidelines may be eligible for certification if their program is:

  • an online safety framework that guides schools to take a whole-of-school community approach to policies, procedures, curriculum and teacher practices
  • online safety training delivered face-to-face, via video conference or through online desktop software
  • professional development for teachers.

Criteria for certification

Applicants seeking certification must be able to meet certain requirements set out in the guidelines. These include:

  • demonstrated capacity to deliver online safety programs in Australian schools
  • program content that is appropriate for delivery in Australian schools 
  • demonstrated ability to evaluate and review performance of online safety programs and implement changes when required
  • presenters who are appropriate for the delivery of online safety programs to schools.

Applicants must meet all of the above requirements and submit all required supporting documentation before they can be recommended for Certification.

Certification process

There are five steps in the certification process:

  1. Self assessment against the Voluntary Certification Guidelines
    It is recommended that you review the guidelines and conduct a self-assessment prior to making an application.
  2. Application
    Applicants are required to submit a completed voluntary certification application form. Applicants should ensure all relevant material is included. Forms can be lodged at
  3. Assessment
    Applications will be assessed against the criterion listed in the guidelines. Applicants may be asked to submit further supporting documentation and be invited to undergo an interview.
  4. Notification
    All applicants will receive a written response explaining the outcome of their certification application. 
  5. Certification
    A directory of certified program providers will be published on this website. This will include contact details, areas covered, target audience and fee structure. This will allow schools to locate preferred providers.

After certification

Successful applicants will be invited to sign a licence agreement confirming the terms of their accreditation. Applicants cannot represent themselves as certified until the license agreement has been signed.

Certified providers are required to report annually to the Office about activities and compliance with the previously agreed terms. Providers are required to notify the Office immediately about significant changes to their programs.

The Office will encourage feedback from schools about the providers they engage.

Certification duration

The duration of the licence agreement can extend to 30 June 2019.

The Office may terminate certification in certain circumstances.

Working with Children Check information

For information about obtaining a Working with Children Check, please refer to the relevant agency in your state or territory. 

 State / TerritoryWebsite 
 Australian Capital Territory
 New South Wales
 Northern Territory
 South Australia
 Western Australia


Information about the Australian Curriculum

The Australian Curriculum is a national curriculum for schools across Australia. The Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority is responsible for the development of the national curriculum from Kindergarten to Year 12 in specified learning areas.

Bookings for online safety programs

All bookings and payments for programs provided by certified online safety program providers will be made direct to the individual/ organisation by a school.

Getting help

Should you need assistance to complete your application, please email the Office at

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