Community toolbox

The Be Deadly Online presentations and resources were created in response to requests from Indigenous communities all over Australia for what they really wanted to know and yarn about online.The animations and posters were made with help from deadly indigenous writers and voice actors.

Community being taught about online safety

Who is it for?

  • schools and educators
  • service providers
  • not for profits
  • health centres
  • any youth and staff from surrounding schools
  • local police
  • most importantly, any members of the community who have an interest in becoming leaders and modelling positive online behaviour.

Your mob needs you to be deadly online!


Animations contain mild coarse language and themes that may not be suitable for all ages. We suggest you review the content to ensure it is suitable for your audience.

Community presentations

Let's go on a journey...

A long time ago in the Dreaming, stories were formed and told the old way, person to person.

These stories have left footprints for generations to follow.

Prezi videos

This publication is available for download or as a hardcopy and provided free of charge to Australian residents (for non-profit purposes only). 

To order, please call 1800 880 176 or select to email your request.

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