Starting out

When you get a new device, download an app or go on a website for the first time, there are some steps you can take to keep yourself safe.

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 Make sure you look closely at:

  • user agreements, terms and conditions or disclaimers
  • check whether there are any security, privacy or cookie policies or third party information sharing
  • see our pages on laptops and computers and on phones and tablets for ways to manage the security of your devices
  • setting up a secure password.
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  • Only provide as much information as an app or website requires you to (usually indicated with a red asterisk, *) and consider using an email account as your contact that does not use your name. For example use, but not
  • Check options to hide your location, and consider whether you will be able to hide your information from the provider or from other users.
  • Where appropriate, check your account and settings (usually located under a wheel symbol) to ensure that you’re not sharing anything you wish to keep private.

For further tips, visit our page on protecting personal information.

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