The big issues

Help your child deal with the big issues in online safety, such as cyberbullying, online pornography, sending nudes and sexting, time online, gaming and unwanted contact.

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Skills and advice

What parents and carers need to know, including online safety basics, good habits start young, the hard-to-have conversations and privacy and your child.

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Does your preschool child have access to connected devices?

Being online can offer your child opportunities to learn through exploration, play and social interaction. But it is important to understand the risks.

Your child’s first smartphone – are they old enough?

When is your child old enough to be given their own mobile phone? How can you keep them safe once they have their own device?

Screen time for your child – 7 tips

How much screen time should your child have? Explore our tips and advice on what you can do to help your child balance their online and offline time.


Online safety: a guide for parents and carers

Our downloadable guide offers practical skills and advice about how to tackle the big issues.


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Screen Smart Parent Tour

Explore topics such as social media, screen time, protecting personal information, cyberbullying, contact with strangers and accessing inappropriate content.

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