The legal framework around image-based abuse is complex and can vary from state to state. So if you are considering your legal options, seeking professional legal advice is strongly recommended.

A lawyer or legal service can help by discussing your case and the legislation that applies in your state or territory, including how to apply for a protection order if needed. Your lawyer can also speak to the police with you.

Your lawyer can help you determine whether you should ask the police to consider pursuing criminal charges, in which the alleged perpetrator might be charged with an offence under Australian federal law or state laws, or civil charges, in which you sue the alleged perpetrator for damages.

The law relating to IBA is constantly evolving and changing. The legal options open to you will depend upon many factors, such as the nature of the abuse, the precise circumstances in which it occurred, your age, the evidence that can be collected, and the laws in your state or territory.

The information provided here combines practical advice and an Australia-wide overview of legislation relevant to image-based abuse. It could be used as a guide when seeking professional legal advice.

Practical advice on contacting a lawyer

Understanding Commonwealth and state laws