Social networking risks

What are the risks of social networking?

Social networking can be a great experience for kids but also has clear risks. They may forget who they are communicating with and who might see their posts.

They also may feel braver to say and do things online that they might not do offline—including talking to and confiding in strangers. It is important that your child understands the risks associated with disclosing information about themselves and how to manage their privacy and online 'friends'.

In turn, it is important that you are aware of how your kids are interacting with others on these sites and equip them with the skills to manage negative situations, which include:
  • cyberbullying
  • not protecting their own privacy
  • sharing information with people they don’t know or trust
  • losing control over where a photo or video has been shared
  • identity theft
  • seeing offensive images and messages
  • meeting people in real life who they only know online
  • unwanted contact by strangers or predators.
We work with social media sites to remove serious cyberbullying material.

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