Suitability of movies and games

What films are okay for my child to watch?

Generally, films classified G and PG should be suitable for children under 15 years of age to watch, but before you select a film, consider its age rating, storyline and consumer advice. If the material is PG classified, check if content is aligned with your family values. Consider watching the film with your child in case the content is not developmentally appropriate for their maturity level. Along with the Classification Board website, you may wish to check reviews of the movie. There are many websites with reviews focussed on suitable content for children. Many report on a film’s educational value, positive messaging, level of violence, sex, language and advertising content. There's a list of them on our Choosing movies and games page.

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Can my child watch or play a restricted film or video game?

As parents, you are best placed to determine the maturity level of your child and help them have a safe viewing and gaming experience. Keep in mind that restrictions are in place because material contains higher level content. It is recommended that you only allow your kids access to age appropriate movies and video games only. The restricted access labels are a red flag alert about age restrictions and strong content featured and are likely to contain levels of violence, sex or nudity that may not be suitable for children. Your kids will be asked for identification when they wish to watch or buy age-restricted films and video games and if they are under the age shown on the classification label, think twice about allowing them access to that DVD or video game.

What should I look out for in video games?

Playing online games has changed dramatically with many consoles offering multi-player functionality meaning kids can play with friends at homes and across the world. While many games have educational value, not all are suitable for children so find out what games your children are playing and try playing them yourself. This way you can discover if the game has inappropriate content, offers reporting tools and has privacy features. You should also check the classification on the cover for age compatibility and use parental controls to set limits, restrict internet access, and block in-game purchases. You can also disable chat features that allow interaction with other players and check reviews to learn if a game has unsuitable content. Learn more about online safeguards for parents here.

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