Meet Zippep's Friends

Zippep's Astro Circus - Zippep


Hello there! My name is Zippep and I‘m the ringmaster at the Astro Circus. If my robot hat starts to rattle, will you please let me know? Sometimes it can mess up my hair which takes light-years to comb and even then it can look a bit funny.

You will probably notice that when I talk, my ringmaster staff flashes and changes colors. This means that I am very happy about the cool things I have to show and tell you.

There’s not a lot of gravity where I live, just like on your moon, so that’s why my bushy tail is always wagging – it helps me keep my feet on the ground.

Hey, guess where I live? Go on, guess! Yep! I live at the Astro Circus, the fun place to learn about safety on the internet. You can visit all the islands that make up my Astro Circus and win prizes for playing games with me! Yahoo! I like to learn and play games just like you do and I always have more fun when I feel safe. Safety is very important so make sure you check with Mum and Dad before you go online.

My small house is just behind the big top, which my circus friends tell me can be seen from the rollercoaster, but I wouldn’t know because my eyes are always shut tight when I’m on it! Weeeeeoooo!!!!! I love my friends. We are always nice to each other and help each other when we’re at school or playing games.

And now you’re one of my friends! I am very happy that you are visiting my circus. Have you met all my other friends yet? Come and play with us!

Zippep's Astro Circus character - Bibex


Beep beep! My name is Bibex!! Sometimes, when I’m happy I start to beep and the lights on my antennas, my colourful hat and my nose start to flash.

I think I must be really pleased to meet you! My lights keep flashing, can you see? And I can’t stop beep, beep, beeping!

I’m two years old in space years, which is about six human years. I was born on the planet Pantalooneus. I love my planet because there are lots of fun things to do there. We play in the circus after school every day! I know how to tight rope walk, juggle ice-creams and ride on elephants. My extra special robot arms and legs can stretch out to as long as I need them to, so I can catch things and so I don't fall.

After I finish juggling ice-creams, I get to eat one. My favourite flavour is the hocus-pocus lolly drop. It tastes like rainbows melting in your mouth! Sometimes my mum tells me off for eating too much ice-cream. But I always make sure I share with the other astro-kids in the circus too.

When I grow up, I want to be a cyber-constable, just like my dad. That way, I can fly through cyber-space and help kids who are being bullied online. I would try to make sure that everyone is being nice to each other, having fun and feeling safe.

On the weekends, I like to fly across in my special space shuttle to Zippep's Astro Circus. I get to play with Zippep, Fenella and all my other friends. When I’m there, I can't stop beeping with happiness, it's just so much fun! I hope you can come and play with us too.

Beep beep, over and out!

Zippep's Astro Circus character - Codi-Plexa

Codi Plexa

Hello! I’m Codi Plexa! I bet you’re feeling excited about playing at Zippep’s Astro Circus. You must also be having a lot of fun. I know these things, because I have a special talent. I can tell when humans are happy. My tail senses a smile from a mile away and I love it when you are happy!

Now, want to know more about me? Well, I love spacimals. They are just like ordinary animals, but they live in space and can even talk! I hope to become a vet one day and care for all the sick spacimals.

I also love taking pictures. I’m very lucky because my glasses are super special camera lenses. They can take pictures of everything I see. Whenever I am taking a picture through my glasses, the little light on my hat flashes bright orange. So say cheese and smile for my super special camera lenses! I told you I love to see humans smiling!

Zippep's Astro Circus character - Fenella-Sparx

Fenella Sparx

Hi there! I’m Fenella Sparx and I come from a long family line of proud Mammothians, from the Elephantus Galaxy. On my planet, there are lots of creatures like me! We have long and sensitive noses which lets us tell what food has fibre or leaves on it. All Mammothian children pick up their food with their long noses. Can you pick up your food with your nose or do you use your hands? I also have big, floppy ears and a triple antenna that all Mammothians are born with. The antennas can send messages to my mum and dad, or they can be used to get better reception on the television.

I go to the circus as the Astro Circus School, where I have won awards for tidy writing. I am also good at drawing and numbers. Mum and Dad said they were really proud of me and it made me happy. That’s probably why so many people ask me for advice about school work! I love to be helpful to my circus friends by helping them with whatever I can.

I am usually really polite and well mannered. I’m not a rough Mammothian and that time I pushed Wex Widget into the Astro Circus School fountain does NOT count. That was an accident.

I love to ask questions so I can understand how things work. My Dad says asking questions and being curious is a good thing because it makes you smarter. He loves answering my questions...most of the time.

And just one last thing. I love my titanium ruby-plated space-suit with extendable legs (it isn’t made with real rubies, but that doesn’t matter). When I press the ‘tall-legs’ button on my space-suit, the legs of my spacesuit extend up like stilts, and make me tall enough to see things that are up high. Sometimes I can even see Zippep on the rollercoaster from another island!

Zippep's Astro Circus character - Gigga-Byke

Gigga Byke

Hi, I’m Gygga Bike and I’m the fastest girl in space! I’m 6 years old and I got my first wheel when I was 4. All Racerpillars get their first wheels when they’re 4, but not all can go as fast as I can! I can do all kinds of tricks on my wheel too. I can bounce up and down and even ride across a tightrope. My mum held my hand the first few times but now I can do it all by myself. When I get bigger I’m going to ride right around the moon.

It’s so great having 4 legs because when one set gets tired, they can have a rest and I’ve got two more to do the pedalling. My long antennae help me keep my balance. When I’m really happy the glowball on my head glows pink. See? Today is a very happy day. When I’m sad it goes blue and when I’m asleep it goes yellow. I like to play dress-up with my friends and pretend I’m a doctor, or a fairy or a pirate.

I like talking to my grandma on the computer – she lives on another planet and I don’t get to visit her much. She’s always telling me funny jokes. I tell her jokes to my friend Lennox Gur to make him laugh. I also like to go exploring and collecting. On weekends I go for rides with my parents and we find interesting things to look at. Sometimes I’m allowed to bring them home too, especially flowers. The other day I found a Bugglebottom bird nest on the ground and Dad said I could keep it. It’s my new favourite thing.

Zippep's Astro Circus character - Gizmo-Jax

Gizmo Jax

Hi there! I’m Gizmo Jax! I’m five years old and from the coolest planet of them all, Amjik! Us Amjiks are well known for our springy arms and six legs. We are all very good at reaching up high and wide for widgets and gizmos that are far away.

I like to play tricks on my friends from other planets. I use my long springy arms and tap them on the shoulder while I’m on the other side of the Astro Circus! They know it’s me, but I still think it’s very funny!

When I’m not hanging out at the circus, I love to go star boarding. It’s kind of like skate boarding but much more fun because there’s no gravity and I can’t hurt myself if I fall over! I star board everywhere, that’s why I have these goggles on my head. I pop them on when I’m on the star board and they help me see all the cool sights. I’m hoping I get a new star board for my birthday. I want one with blue thunder bolts and green stars, I think that would look awesome!

Have you noticed the colourful buttons on my tummy? They do very cool things. The purple button calls my friends so we can talk whenever we like. The yellow button plays my favourite songs. The blue button tells me where my friends and family are so I can always find them. Lucky last, the pink button releases a robot that cleans my room. Mum makes me press this button every morning!

Zippep's Astro Circus character - Lennox-Gur

Lennox Gur

Hello, my name is Lennox Gur. I am 5 years old. I am from the planet Growl in the constellation of Leo. You can tell we are Growlians by our shaggy manes and robot bodies.

I love to run and jump and climb things. My mum says she thinks I’m brave and a happy little Growlian. I also love to make people laugh when I do lots of tricks and silly things. Sometimes I can get a bit crazy and a bit loud. ROOAARR!!!

I can do some really cool special things. My arms and neck can stretch out to be really, really long. Another really cool thing about me is that I have rocket boots which help me to go flying. I also have a really great antenna which lets me speak to my family and friends whenever I want to.

I like doing maths and borrowing books from the library. My favourite books are books about adventures and books that tell me about stuff, like the world and animals. My favourite colour is yellow, because it matches my mane.

Zippep's Astro Circus character - Wex-Widget

Wex Widget

Hello. My name is Wex Widget. What's your name?

I'm a space cowboy from the planet Wiggy Wiggy Wah in the wild wild west side of the Milky Way. I'm 7 years old and I like making toys, and gadgets, and widgets, and I like playing with them. What do you like to do?

I made these super-duper-roley-shoes to help me skate around fast. When I wear these shoes I’m never late for school. I also made these widget wings to help me fly through space. Do you like them?

When I'm rollerskating outside or flying through space my mum tells me to wear this cowboy hat to protect me from space UV radiation so I don’t get spaceburn. At the start I didn't really like my hat so I made these radio phone widgets to put on it. Now I love my hat because I can call my mum and dad and my friends!

Do you know what? My favourite letter in the whole wide world is ‘W’. That's why I love words that start with the letter ‘W’, like the world wide web. I like playing online games and talking with my friends on the web. Sometimes my mum says that I play games on the web too much. So that's when I go and play in real life with my friends at Zippep’s Circus.

Zippep is my best friend. There's heaps of fun stuff to do at Zippep's Circus like learning how to juggle. Zippep is a bit clumsy so I wear this eye patch just in case he accidentally pokes me in the eye with his fluffy ears. We also like to ride the galaxy roller coaster where you can go upside down. Whoa! It’s really fun. Will you come and play with us?

Zippep's Astro Circus character - Zigit


Greetings earthling! Here's a riddle for you: What looks like a fly but is really an awesome astro alien? Me, of course!

I'm Zigit from Pozanti. The main thing you should know about me is that I can fly. This may not seem like a big deal right, because there are lots of things that fly. But I’m pretty special; I have the ability to fly faster than the blink of your eye!

This saves me heaps of time especially when I sleep in and am late for school. I get dressed, have my breakfast, and buzz on over to the gates in no time! Speaking of school, my favourite lesson is music.

I love listening to songs by Buzz Connection, and playing the electric didgeridoo! Sometimes I make up my own songs and perform them to my family after dinner. They always cheer me on and clap to the funky tunes I play.

Music isn't my only talent though. I'm also good at counting up to very high numbers. I have counted most of the stars near Pozanti. That is a VERY big number. Have you ever thought about your talents? I'm sure you have many!

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