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How our partners support the aims of the Office

The Office of the eSafety Commissioner works cooperatively with its social media partners to remove cyberbullying material targeted toward an Australian child. All of our Tier scheme partners are recognised for the safety measures they have in place. These safety measures include:

  • terms of use that prohibit cyberbullying material being posted on the service
  • a complaints mechanism which facilitates removal of cyberbullying material
  • a nominated person that the Office liaises with in regards to complaints about cyberbullying material.

Having material removed expeditiously from the public view is a priority, in order to minimise any potential harmful effects on children.

Cyberbullying affects children and young people across the world, and our partners have demonstrated a significant commitment to ensuring children's safety online.

The Office’s role in handling cyberbullying complaint matters can act as an early alert system for our social media partners in identifying particular at-risk children and broader systemic cyberbullying trends.

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